Plan B - Field Kit

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The Plan B Field Kit has everything you need when you need it the most. From a stripped axle to a broken kingpin... Your session will never end when you have this Field Kit with you.

Key Features of the Plan B Field Kit Skateboard Tool:
2 Nuts 3/8"
2 Bolts 7/8" Long
1 Axel Nut
1 King Pin Nuts 9/16"
2 Abec 3 Bearings
1 Bar Of Wax
1 Pocket Tool (3/8", 1/2", 9/16")
1 Holder And Carry Case For Accessories
1 Multi-Tool (Pliers, Knife, File, #2 Philips
1/8" Allen, Bottle Opener, Scissors)
1 Carry Case For Multi-Tool