Ooloo Island Life - 8.0" | 8.25" Tsunami Series Shafiq's Viking Skateboard Deck

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Ooloo Island Life 
Homestar Skateboarding
Tsunami Series
Shafiq's Viking Ship
Shafiq Rosly Pro Model

8.0" x 32.0"
8.25" x 32.5"

Ooloo Island Life Decks come with a free sheet Hexo Griptape! You may request for a Blank Griptape too. Let us know.


Make it a complete set-up now! Click the image below to get your trucks, wheels, bearings and hardware.

Homestar Skateboards
Quick Complete Skateboard Set-Up

Hexo 8.0"
Hexo 8.25"

Noob 51MM 101A Street Tech Composite
Noob 53MM 101A Street Tech Composite
Noob 51MM 98A Park Composite
Noob 53MM 98A Park Composite

Roadkill Stage 1
Roadkill Stage 2

Hexo 7/8"
Hexo 1.0"