Oneness - 53MM 104A Soul 5 Street / Flatground Skateboard Wheels

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Brand: Oneness
Size: 53MM
Width: 32MM
Hardness: 104A
Model: Soul Motion 5

Type: Street / Flatground
Colour: Red

Oneness5's formula makes it a street skateboard wheel with high playability and comfort, so that you can enjoy more pleasure when skateboarding. Oneness5's technology formula can make you have a stronger ability to manipulate the skateboard when sliding (horizontal translation). It can absorb 15% - 30% of the side resistance according to the feedback of different ground. When trying any swivel action, the landing angle of the skateboard deviates too much. This formula also allows you to easily correct the direction. According to the requirements of this part of slide features, we have formulated a more wear-resistant formula for it, which is more wear-resistant.