Oneness - 52MM 104A Soul 4 Street / Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

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Brand: Oneness
Size: 52MM
Width: 32MM
Hardness: 104A
Model: Soul Motion 4

Type: Street / Cruiser
Colour: Blue

Oneness4's formula makes it a street skateboard wheel with both performance and comfort. The hardness determines the rebound feedback, but it will also affect the sliding experience in most scenes, including the numbness of lower limbs. In Oneness4's technology formula, even with the high hardness of 104A, it can still filter out most bumps, When sliding on rough ground, it can greatly improve the routing stability and filter the vibration of lower limbs, and crush all annoying roads that hinder the conquest of terrain. The ultra-high rebound feedback can make the movement smoother and easier to be conquered, and the characteristics of vibration filtering can make the landing buffer safer and more stable after landing.