DBH - Quick Complete Skateboard Parts - Trucks + Wheels + Bearings + Hardware

Regular price $90.00

The Quick Complete Skateboard Parts includes the following for $90:

⚡Trucks (Silver/Black)
⚡Wheels (White/Black/Green/Orange/Pink/Yellow)

Just buy a deck with any griptape you like and add $90 to build a complete skateboard at Shop of Skatan!

Q: Can I change swap any parts?
A: You can select parts from the options given.

Q: Will all the parts be assembled?
A: You can choose if you want it assembled or not. Leave us a note to let us know.

Brand: Do By Heart
Quality: All Parts Are Professional Grade
Condition: Brand New
Trucks: Hollow Kingpin
Trucks Hanger Width: 5.25"
Trucks Axle Width: 7.875"
Trucks: Suitable for Decks 7.625" - 8.125"
Wheels Diameter: 52mm
Wheels Width: 32.5mm
Wheels Hardness: 100a
Bearings Rating: Skate Rated
Hardware: 1"